Purchasing a puppy or adopting an older dog should never be an impulsive decision, nor should a dog ever be given to someone else as a "gift" without actively involving them in the process. The average life expectancy of the Samoyed is 12 -14 years.

Before you buy or adopt a dog as a pet, ask yourself these questions:

How old will you be when the dog is 12-14 years old?

How many times do you think you will move in the next several years? Are you willing (and able) to move the dog too? Are you willing to restrict your choice of housing to places where pets are allowed?

Will you change jobs? If the job requires travel or long hours, will you be willing to pay for pet sitting services or extra boarding expenses? Will you have enough time each day to exercise and spend quality time with your samoyed?

What other major changes might happen in your life in during the life expectancy of this dog? Marriage? Children? Death in the family? Are you willing to continue spending the time, energy, and money to care for your samoyed when taking on new responsibilities? Are you willing to re-train your pet so its behavior is acceptable to a new room-mate, spouse, or child?

If you are getting the dog for the kids you have now, how old will they be when the dog is 12-14 years old? Will you still want the dog after the kids move out?

Have you previously owned a pet that you didn't keep for at least 10 years? If so, what happened to it? What will you do differently to ensure that this new pet has a home for life?

You shouldn't get a dog if you:

• Can't afford to take him to a vet when he gets sick or injured.

• Can't afford dog food, a dog house, heartworm and flea prevention.

• Can't afford annual rabies and parvo vaccinations.

• Can't afford to spay or neuter him.

• Don't have a stable living situation which allows dogs.

• Don't have a stable job or income.

• Don't plan to keep him inside and leash walk him or you don't have a
secure fenced area.

• Don't plan to socialize him to people and other pets and obedience
train him.

• Plan to leave him outside without much attention. Dogs who are left
neglected outside become unhappy and cause barking problems — or worse.

• Are getting the dog just for your kids. You will be the one
responsible for his care, so don't get a dog just because your son
wants one.

• Aren't committed to caring for him for his entire 10- to 15-year

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